Humm… Indian

Last Friday, I finish work thinking BBQ chicken and potatoes for diner but Honey says after a catnap, lets go out for diner: “How does mexican sound? Are there any good ones on the south shore?”

I actually have no idea if there are any good ones, maybe in St-Lambert ? Anyway on the computer he jumps and  we end up at a place called Mantra and your right it’s not Mexican but Indian. We love indian and most of the reviews say it’s really good so what the heck Indian it is. We’re always up for an adventure and are looking for places to eat that are closer to home.

The restaurant is large and well lit but that’s about all that’s going for it in terms of looks. Kitch heaven, plastic crystal lighting, old carpet, wall patched with putty. The waitresses were all dressed in beautiful tunics, I actually want to know where they get those they are so pretty, and were nice and helpful. As for the food, remember the adage of don’t judge a book by it’s cover… definitely true. Honey actually went to food heaven for a few minutes while eating. You know that moment when all the flavors hit you and all you want for a few minutes is to enjoy.

We opted for the Combo B which was:

Vegetable and Chicken Pakora’s with sauce, a generous portion of 6.
Butter Chicken
Sag Beef (beef and spinach)
Naan Bread
Rice (basmati with fried onions)
Vegetables (can’t remember the name but full of flavor)
Sweet (one of those balls with syrup, nicely flavored with cardamom)
Tea (wow one of the best spiced tea ever, I don’t usually like spiced tea because there is always a flavor that dominates too much but this one was perfect. You can tastes the spice but nothing is overpowering)

Note: for those of you who might go read the reviews and see the ones that say the portions are too small, well after all of this food we were quite nicely stuffed and there were not many leftover, which in my book is better than wasting.

If you want to try it out for yourself here is the address:

Fine Cuisine Indienne
1019 blvd St-Foy, Longueuil


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