Summer fresh

Not surprising with 40 degree weather for the last few weeks, I’ve been craving light and cool foods. One of my favorites in the summer is Salmon Tartar (not sure if fits the light criteria but it’s certainly cool). Sadly, Honey is not a huge fan so it was not making much of an appearance on our table recently until a diner at Otto last fall. We had the salmon tartar which came served on a layer of avocado. Honey loved it, we went back to the restaurant later and we actually ordered it again.

As much as I love tartar, you can bet I remembered that Guacamole was the trick for Honey to also enjoy tartar… so yesterday for the first time this year I made:

Salmon Tartar on Avocado Guacamole

Salmon (as fresh as you can get it and with skin, avoid the tail)
Lemon and/or Lime juice
Good olive oil
Cilantro (fresh)
Ginger grated
Garlic grated
Sriracha sauce (my cousin calls it rooster sauce)
Green onions (I forgot these and it was still really good)

Most important for this recipe is the freshness of the salmon, be picky, go to your favorite Fish market and tell them you want to make tartar with your piece of salmon. Many recipes call for dicing the salmon, my favorite technique is one I saw on an old Daniel Pinard show. Take your salmon hold one end and, using a spoon, grate your salmon into small pieces till you get to the skin (hold on to it to cut the rest). If you don’t like the darker meat don’t grate on those areas. Using this technique you end up with more texture which I find makes for a better tartar.

Depending on the quantity of tartar you’re making, add to taste the rest of the ingredients. You don’t like something leave it out, you prefer something else by all means put it in. As fancy as restaurants make it seem, it’s really not a fussy recipe, it can be scaled as little or as much as you want and would probably impress some friends who don’t dare to try this at home.

Oh I was forgetting, Avocado guacamole, I made mine simple, cilantro, lemon , salt and a bit of garlic. You can vary this as much as you want, add tomatoes and/or green onions remove garlic, add hot pepper. It really depends on how you like it but no matter which way you do it, the end result will be good.

Presentation, layer the guacamole and the salmon tartar, garnish with herbs, finishing salt or citrus wedges. Propose a selection of nachos, bread or crackers to dip and pick up this wonderful summer meal or just eat it with a fork.


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