CSA, a basket (actually a box) in July

I left my CSA box Tuesday intact so I could unpack and take a picture for you of this years bounty, I haven’t seen this much lettuce in at least 3 years. Honey however, being helpful unpacked it while I was at work, I forgot to tell him the plan. I’m really motivated but not enough to go through the fridge and pull everything out now that it’s there so no pict for you.

Still here is what was in it this week and what I’m thinking of doing with them.

Cabbage : the first one, a nice coleslaw though this time with a cooked dressing, you know the one with celery seeds?

Cucumbers white, green, spiny and green: one went straight into my tummy eaten fresh, raw and unpeeled, did I wash it? The rest probably more of the same for now, I want to enjoy their freshness as is.

Lettuce oak and curly: humm I’ve heard of lettuce soup but I’m a traditionalist mixed salad with an oil and vinegar dressing is fine for me.

Zucchini yellow and green and pan squash: a gratin with some cream and garlic flower and maybe more of the zucchini lemon muffins.

Fennel: mussels with fennel cream mium!

Beets: roasted or grated not sure yet.

Peas: steamed with butter and mint.

Red green onions: a green onion which is red instead of white. Roast potatoes, Liberty sour cream and onion.

White cap mushrooms: oh I know zucchini cake with mushroom, bacon, onion and cheese made one recently and I’m still craving it.

I still get a thrill when I see all the varieties of vegetables. Though, it makes me a little sad at the same time that we’ve lost so much variety to BIG Corp over time (and if you think about it not that much time, 100 years to lose so much of our culinary heritage is not long). BIG corp has noticed the trend and more varieties are appearing on the shelves but I still worry about the future of our food. Hopefully, us passionate about variety and freshness along with our dedicated farmers will eventually change the tide.

What are your thoughts on our food? I’d be curious to know what would you do with this basket?


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