Best Birthday Present EVER!

I don’t think this birthday gift can ever be topped.  It was inventive, a lot of work, beautiful, heartfelt and personnal. It is unique and no one else can ever get the same one.

Getting curious? Well so was I, I was kicked out of home for an entire afternoon and dying of curiosity for every minute of the afternoon. Though a shopping spree ensued what with having no other ideas what to do with the 4 hours ahead of me and no home to go to. Really what is a girl to do with time to kill but go shopping? Finally the day ended and I could appear at the promised time of 5:30 pm.

When I did what a surprise indeed, Honey had spent the afternoon preparing a rock garden complete with giant blooming  lilies, yellow lilies, two kinds of roses, ground cover, rocks (big ones) and mulch control the ever present weeds. WOW! How much love is that? I was speachless and fell in love all over again on the spot. Later in the day, a wonderful friend gave me a stone garden turtle that fit right in.

Best present ever

The rest of the evening, well spoiling continued, Some friends came over. Honey prepared a southern style meal of green beens, mash potatoes and fried chicken and gravy. It was all really good, Honey can fry up some mean chicken. To end the meal there was dessert, Cuz baked his first cake ever for me. A chocolate chip pound cake that was really scrumptious there was not a crumb in sight at the end.

Pistache loves it too, her new favorite spot to sleep

How amazing is that for a birthday ?


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