Fresh eggs

You don’t know me yet but as well as loving to cook, I have some quirky ideas. The guys were laughing the other day when I mentioned that if the city of Longueuil allowed it, I’d love to have some hens. Seriously, we have a large enough yard, a good-sized shed, plenty of grass, organic vegetables scraps to feed them and we love eggs. We go through dozens and dozens of them.

They laughed so hard but now I can just imagine their reaction when I tell them about the petition to allow people to own hens in the city. If NYC can allow it, why not us. Now don’t ask me where they actually do have chicken coops in NYC with the price of a square feet being so high each egg is probably worth 20$. Maybe I’ll try to find some chicken coops in NYC next time I’m there…

I just love the idea of getting my own eggs plus, it’s all part of the local foods and organic movement which I try to adhere to. I’ve signed the petition, I just hope it passes in Longueuil so I can see the guys faces when I ask them to build us a chicken coop.

Read more about it here:


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