Kale chips – all these years what a waste!

Kale chips

It’s been 10 years now that I have been getting Kale in my CSA basket and 10 years or trying to figure out what to do with these green, kinda tough and very earthy tasting leaves. I tried frying with garlic and oil and hot pepper, they were ok but still a little tough. I tried adding them to soup or braised vegetables and really most of the time just “forgot” them in the vegetable drawer.

Recently, I came accross a post about Kale chips (can’t remember where)… humm something I hadn’t tried yet. The recipe if you can call it that is simple, wash leaves, spray lightly with oil or coat using your hands, salt and bake in hot oven till crisp. Do watch them as once they start crisping they tend to burn fast.

What a waste, all those kale leaves gone to the compost heap when I could have made KALE CHIPS. They were gone in no time, the guys loved them as much as I did, they were crunchy, salty, the earthy taste is sublimed by crisping, these are all around amazing and will definitely be repeated whenever we get more.

Go ahead give them a try and if you think you have something even better to do with Kale let me know but for now this is what I’m making with all that kale.


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