I scream, you scream, we all scream…

Cover of "The Perfect Scoop: Ice Creams, ...
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For The Perfect Scoop, which was this summers book . I got a kitchen aid ice cream maker so what choice did I have but to find a good ice cream recipe book. I already knew and liked David Lebovitz‘s blog and the book was well reviewed so amazon got a bit more of my hard-earned $.

I have absolutely no regret, this book is really well written. The organization by type of frozen treat is easy to understand and the recipes clear and the results always good. I am used to finding empty bowls in the sink in the morning but this summer instead of cereal, it was ice cream that went into them. I am hoping to make all the recipes in this book one day but for now here is what we tried:

Chocolate ice cream (with peanut butter swirl, still the top favorite need to make another batch)
Tin roof (good actually very good but I like smooth ice creams better chocolate covered peanut get in the way)
Raspberry (loved the raspberry with chocolate sauce)
Apricot (mium, like biting into a fresh apricot but better, I’ve frozen some more puree for this winter)
Chocolate and raspberry (made for over a week now and there is still some left. It has a great flavor but the raspberry dominates and the guys like chocolate better)
Butterscotch ice cream (disappeared in no time at all)
Moka sherbet (I am the only one eating it, not rich enough I guess)

Here are some of the ones I hope to try soon; rum raisin, lemon ice cream, vanilla, maple walnut. I’ll let you know when I do hopefully I remember to take pictures.


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