TWD – Baking with Julia – White Loaves

First post in a long time, inspiration went away and is still a little elusive which is why I decided to participate in a baking activity with the Tuesday’s with Dorie group. After being the voyeur, looking at recipes for the last year, I’ve decided to become a participant. I’ve been sticking to my comfort zone in my baking recently so I’m hoping that this will help get me out of the rut.

To be honest, the fact that I already own Baking with Julia and haven’t tried anything out of it was another incentive.

The first recipe was not a big challenge but a nice easy start to the book. White Loaves on pages 81-82 is relatively simple, even if you are a novice bread baker. The only bit of information not in the instructions is how to tell if you have added enough flour. Considering the amount of water you start with you can easily end up with too wet of a dough. The recipe tells you “If the dough does not come together keep adding flour”.

So for those of you who need it, here how to know when to stop: press on the dough with a clean finger, remove it, if there is dough stuck to your finger add more flour. Between each addition check again. Once you press and no dough stays stuck, you’re good to go. The dough will feel tacky rather than sticky. Otherwise, follow all the steps and you’ll end up with a great loaf of bread or rather loaves of bread.

We’ll definitely be enjoying this bread for the week to come. For the recipe and cohost of this weeks edition of TWD see Jules here

Next up Chocolate Truffle Tartlets, mium just the name is enough to make me want to skip right to dessert. Now where do I get tartlet pans…

11 thoughts on “TWD – Baking with Julia – White Loaves

  1. I totally feel you on the lack of inspiration. Trying to meal plan the last 2 weeks has been absolute torture, as I can’t think of anything new. It seems that my entire to-make list is dessert after dessert after dessert… Ree (Drummond) has actually fueled my creativity of late, which seems an odd place to get it as I don’t eat meat and most of her posts of late have been meaty meals. But here’s to 2 lovely loaves of bread, and finding inspiration (even in unexpected places).

    1. Marie thank you for the encouragement, I know the feeling, seems like it’s always easier to find something sweet to make when I’m out of inspiration. Ree is absolutely great but not very vegetarian friendly. Did you try her asian noodles? with some ginger tofu they are yummy!

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