Fermentation – Turnip Kimchi

Freshly made Kimchi

This is another in a long list of kitchen experiments which started with an Easy Bake oven and access to mom’s pantry. Those tended to end up along the lines of sugar mixed with anything I could gets my hands on. In my tween’s, I would pick a fruit or vegetable in the produce section and have to look it up to find out how to even eat it. As a teen, it was vegeterianism, then world wide cooking and these days it’s fermentation. I’ll leave it to the fermentation guru to explain to you what this means. To find out all you’ll ever need or want to know about this very old vegetable  preservation technique go see Sandor Katz’s website .

The lastest one of my experiments is Kimchi or more specifically turnip and a rutabaga Kimchi (I was trying to use up some of my less popular CSA vegetables). You can see here what it looks like after being just mixed and jarred. The smell is already really potent and there is no fermentation going on yet, can’t wait to smell this in a few days.

Recipes online abound for Kimchi, the base is basically a vegetable, some korean peppers, salt and green onions. The recipe I used as a base was the one at Earthy Delights.

I’ll let you know in a few days how the experiment is going.

What’s your oddest kitchen experiment?


2 thoughts on “Fermentation – Turnip Kimchi

  1. What a great idea. My husband is a huge kimchi fan and there are times when I don’t know what to do with all the turnips. Really appreciate this idea – we love fermented drinks and I’d love to add this to our kitchen.

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