Fermentation – Sauerkraut

Pickled cabbage

Here is the latest fermentation experiment. Even before knowing if the Kimchi is going to turn out, I’ve gone ahead and started a new one, the classic sauerkraut. No flavoring, just cabbage, salt and water. Let’s see how this one goes. It’s been sitting on the counter for a couple of days, and is bubbling away nicely. The scent is cabbagy and nice.

Nothing special about this recipe. Followed the fermentation guru’s instructions, more or less, I just used the cabbage size I got from my CSA and used a proportional amount of salt.

Otherwise, I used a trick I found online, and lost the link to give credit, take the bottom of your cabbage and use it as a weight to press down and keep under brine the shopped cabbage. It’s works really well, since I only make small quantities of fermented vegetables and therefore small containers, finding a way to push down the vegetables was always an issue. I can definitely see myself cutting a piece of any vegetable to use as a press, at least when the vegetable is big enough.

I’ll post some updated information once this is ready. Or before if it is starts behaving oddly.

Have you ever tried making sauerkraut? I’m wondering what flavorings would work, anyone have any suggestions?

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