Restaurants – Going Old School

Montreal (Photo credit: Kristian20)

It all started with a small comment, something in passing, the words were fish and chips. So small a mention, that everyone forgot, but for me it started a search for Fish and chips in Montreal. After that, a memory lane talk around the table, I mentioned where I used to go for fish and chips when I was a child, then M. mentioned a burger place from when he was a kid. We all agreed that we should go to those places and see if they are still as good as we remember.

The posts about the places will come up later but for now after trying only one place on our list, we’ve decided that we’d try to find more of those old school restaurants, diners, shacks, you know the types, the restaurants that time forgot. You walk in and feel like you’ve stepped back in time 30, 40, 50 years.

There are still a lot of them around Montreal. However, now sadly they’re falling out of favor, the families are no longer able to keep running them and, they are disappearing from our urban landscape. Or even worse, they try to upgrade they redecorate and revamp the menu and in the end are less than they were before.

We don’t have a plan, nor a list, nor fixed dates to try these yet to be found places. If you suffer from nostalgia, like family style food or to be honest the occasional junk food diner, this section will be for you. If you have any suggestions for places that time forgot please leave a comment. We’ll post back once we’ve tried it.


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