BWJ – Chocolate Truffle Tart

Post number 2 of the Baking with Julia (BWJ) adventure. The second recipe was Chocolate truffle tarts or in my case singular, tart. I have a lot of kitchen equipment already and little space to put it away. Since I own a 10 inch tart pan, I decided to save the space needed to put away mini tart shells for tools I might use more often. I’ve already seen a few other items in the book that I might just HAVE to get.

So back to the Chocolate Truffle Tart, two parts to this recipe, the dough and the filling. The dough was the challenge for me, it really seemed like it was way too dry. It didn’t matter how much “fraisage” pressing I did the dough wouldn’t come together. I added an extra tablespoon of water, still dry but I decided to press it all together, put it in the fridge and hope for the best. 30 minutes or so later I rolled it out, the dough is rather stiff, and got it in the pan.

The filling was breeze since the Kitchen aid did most of the work. I did change one step. I put the mix-ins directly in the cooked shell making sure to scatter everything evenly. I poured the filling on top, used the spatula to even it out and Voilà! OK not so much, still had to bake it.


Pictures: We played around a little with setting up our plates for the picture. Each one had a vision for their piece so we took one of each. I made a mistake setting mine up and ended up with ice cream on my piece. Which picture is your favorite?

First bite: How was the flavor… absolutely fabulous and decadent, it definitely gets 3 Yums from us. The crust for all it’s trouble was very good, the filling, out of this world.

Ingredients: I used Baker’s 70% chocolate, baker’s white chocolate and a Lindt chocolate milk bar. For the cookies, homemade biscotti.

TIP: Here is something I noticed, when it says bake till it’s dry, the filling is glossy when you first pour it, by the time it is done it looks mat.

See our Hosts for the Chocolate Truffle Tart recipe Steph, Spike, Jaime and Jessica

22 thoughts on “BWJ – Chocolate Truffle Tart

  1. Nice work! I totally loved this recipe as well and was delighted that it was not as difficult as I imagined!

    I did it – I wanted little tartleltte tins and now I am kicking myself as I try to find a home for them!

  2. Agreed, I love that you have photos of each of your individual plates. Sorry you had such trouble with the crust; I have NEVER had success with a tart dough until this one, which I actually found pretty easy. I think it helped to warm up the dough just a little before rolling it out. That seems counterproductive since you just left it in the fridge to chill, but life is full of inconsistencies. So glad you (all) liked your tart!

  3. Your tarts look yummy! Sorry you had a difficult time with the crust-I am taking the easy way out with that. I have a real fear and not a lot of luck with crust!

  4. Wonderful looking tart! I don’t blame you for not wanting to add something else to the kitchen. Not enough room in mine either, but I did already have the little tartlet pans. I like all of the pictures. That’s pretty neat that each person was allowed to plate their own piece for photos. We loved these tartlets as well. I have more dough in freezer to make more later with a variation to the filling. I added a little more water to my dough too. It was difficult to work with, but not incredibly frustrating like crusts sometimes are for me.

    1. Thanks for all the feedback Melanie. I know the feeling about crusts, I only got over my pie dough phobia last year. It’s been quiche and savory pies and sweet pies ever since. The pictures were unplanned but we had lots of fun with it, we’ll certainly do it again.

  5. Love the individual customization! We did a choco tart dough in the last TWD group that’s the same recipe except it uses powdered sugar instead of granulated, and I thought it was much less crumbly and easier to deal with

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