Trifle – Bagatelle

Lemon Curd and Fruit Trifle

This dessert will not win any beauty contest. In fact, if anything it would probably win an ugly dessert contest if such a thing existed. However, close your eye, take a bite and the story is entirely different. Light and airy and lemony and rich and fruity, this one has them all.  You can probably make it look pretty with some food styling skills. I don’t have that skills yet so I think of it as the ugly duckling that turns to a swan once you take a bite. Plus it doesn’t matter how much of this I prepare, it disappears in no time, or maybe it just floats away.

I’ve since found online that this dessert combination is rather common but for me it was born of the desire for a trifle and the need to use up some lemon curd and raspberries, I had in the fridge. The original incarnation was made with an unremembered cake. This one was made with Angel Food cake and I expect all future trifles will be made with the same cake. If only because it allows me to pretend that it makes this dessert a little lighter in calories.

Here is how this one was composed:


1. Angel food cake

2. Lemon curd

3. Whipped Cream (please use homemade)

4. Fruits, cut to bite size


Find a bowl of proper size, the bigger the bowl the more portions. Makes sense right. Now make sure if you choose a big bowl that you have enough of the components make a few layer and fill it.

Next is the fun part, layer some cake, then some lemon curd, then some whipped cream then some fruit and repeat. Try to end with whipped cream since it makes for a prettier finish.

Variation: if you prefer a more traditional Trifle use pastry cream instead of curd. Use leftover pound cake or any other cake you have on hand. This dessert is really quite forgiving as long as you use complimentary flavors it’ll work.



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