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Rugelach, never had one before this, will have again maybe, will make again no idea. This confection, call it a rugelach since I can’t seem to think of these as cookies, are the perfect example of why I decided to join the Baking with Julia group. This is not a recipe I would pick to make, not that I can tell you why I pick something in the first place but I know these are not it. So thanks to this challenge, I tried something new which is why I joined the group in the first place and I totally enjoyed them.

In fact, I only made half the recipe thinking that I would end up eating them by myself and it turns out the boys also enjoyed them. Rugelach are some of the most involved “cookies” I have ever made. If you look here, you can see from top left to bottom right everything that needed to be prepared before even putting them together. It starts with roasted chopped nuts, sugar with cinnamon, Lekvar or in other words apricot jam, chopped nuts with cinnamon and sugar, chopped dried fruitcream cheese dough and another item not shown here, egg wash.

Mise en place - Rugelach components
Mise en place - Rugelach components

Tip: see below rolled out dough, this is the part of the recipe that says roll out dough, cut in half. I left the two halves together and figured out that I could hide the rough edges by rolling from the top down to the middle and from the bottom to the middle. Not that it improved the appearance of the Rugelach but I found this made the shaping a little easier. Note:the book proposed a recipe for Lekvar which is an apricot or prune jam, both versions include nuts  but I skipped those, I figured there were enough nuts in the Rugelach.

Rolled out dough

As with most baking recipes, read the entire recipe once or twice, follow the recipe instructions, be patient and everything will turn out. If you feel up to the rugelach challenge see our BWJ hosts Margaret and Jessica for the recipe and for other mouth-watering examples of rugelach.


8 thoughts on “BWJ – Rugelach

  1. I think there were a few of us who had never baked or tasted these!! ha ha! They looked like they turned out great. 🙂

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