BWJ – Pizza Rustica

Pizza Rustica

I was really excited about making this recipe and then fate struck, I did make Pizza Rustica but all of us have gurgly stomachs from eating bad sushi on the weekend. So the pie is looking all pretty in the fridge, cold like it recommends in the recipe but none of us with much appetite for it yet.

I can tell you the story of waiting on Sunday morning for my stomach to stop feeling queasy and getting up to prepare this dish and a few other things on my to-do. The pizza it turns out is rather easy to prepare, put the dough ingredients in the food processor, mix well, knead a little. Prepare, the rest of the ingredients mixing in each item one by one.

A tip here, don’t stack your prosciutto, cut it up slice by slice and stir in. I stacked a few slices trying to go fast and ended up with clumps that needed to be “declumped” to be stirred in. So no time-saving there, just cut your ham a slice at a time and stir in.

Lattice top, I don’t usually do these, they’re too fussy for everyday cooking. Still, I decided to do it anyway and made a discovery, even if your lattice isn’t perfectly woven, it’s not noticeable. Really, one over, one under, one under oops who care, once it’s cooked it still looks pretty. Now if you have a pastry chef coming over, they’ll probably notice, your type A friend, maybe but really most people won’t bat an eye at your shoddy weaving job. They’ll eat and enjoy the results but the lattice will be quickly forgotten.

Baking went relatively well even with my heat leaking oven. Yep 10 years and already I need to get a new oven, one that actually heats to the temperatures you ask of it.

Taste, well we’ll have to get back to you later and let you know how we liked it. For now all I can say is it looks pretty…

To see more Pizza Rustica recipes and maybe find out how it tastes please visit our hosts : Emiliy of Capitol Region Dining and Raelynn of The Place They Call Home.


10 thoughts on “BWJ – Pizza Rustica

  1. Sorry you weren’t feeling well! I also had a bout with possible food poisoning this weekend but the embarrassing thing is, I think I did it to myself! Hope you like the pizza as much as we did when you are able to eat it.

  2. Very nice pie – hope you are feeling better.
    And if you cut it up and serve it…no one has to be any wiser about any weaving misadventures 🙂

  3. Your pie looks really good, I hope you like it! It does keep really well. Sorry you had to deal with that food poisoning–I think I would have passed on making this if I were sick! I hope you feel better soon.

  4. I hope you enjoyed it, I wasn’t too keen to be honest but I think most people did enjoy it. I’m looking forward to the lemon loaf!

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