Meal Planning

I just read a post 0n Ruhlman about culinary intelligence and meal planning and how people are looking to find out how to cook meals at home. This is a very loose interpretation of the text.

It’s made me think that I’ve been for some time now planning meals in a way that I find really useful in terms of structuring the process. Along with the usual organization methods of using a few hours on the weekend to prep some things and do groceries. I plan meals along these guidelines:

1 or 2 fish
1 or 2 meat
1 pasta
1 quick
1 “open”
1 veggy

I plan for something in each of these categories and then decide on what night each choice will be prepared. Some nights it has to be simple meals and others can be more complex, in terms of preparation. We also plan that Sunday to Thursday, we make double the amounts so that lunch the next day is last nights dinner.

Quick meals can be anything from eggs to leftovers (if we have extra) to soup and grill cheese or a frozen dish. Anything that requires little effort. “Open” is actually nothing planned, we decide at the last minute what we’ll eat, usually take out. I’ve been trying to have a salad night at least once a week and a vegetarian night. Oddly, the vegetarian night is often the same as pasta night.

As an example, our menu this week looks like this:

Sunday – roast chicken
Monday – Sheppard pie (from the freezer)
Tuesday – prosciutto chicken and veggies
Wednesday – Soup and grilled cheese
Thursday – grapefruit and shrimp salad thai style

Have you got any tricks to meal planning? What’s your go to meal when you want something quick and easy?


One thought on “Meal Planning

  1. I do something similar. Monday is soup day. Tuesday is a casserole or other one pot meal. We grill on Wednesday. Thursday is leftovers. Friday is pizza and then I try to go all out on Saturday and Sunday. It has made my life so much easier over the years.

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