BWJ – Pecan Sticky Buns

Pecan Sticky Buns
Sticky Buns

Please no more butter, I love the stuff but somehow I feel like I’m in butter overload. I never thought I’d say that but give me a light mousse or a fruit salad for dessert. Well still, these Rolls were really good fresh out of the oven. Buttery and not overly sweet, I couldn’t help it, I ate two.

The Brioche dough was relatively simple though not quite behaving as described in the book still, it worked out fine. I loved the layering effect of the butter. The cooked dough almost looked like croissants it was so flaky. I just love eating rolls like this by peeling layer after layer. I guess i just like playing with my food.

For the Rolls, I made a huge mistake. I only had a springform pan that was tall enough for the recipe. I did wrap up the bottom in foil but must have somehow torn it when putting the pan in because I ended up with a mess at the bottom of the oven made of butter and sugar. And lets talks about the smoke, choking and resistant, it took forever to dissipate.

Would I make this again, I think I would make the dough again for sure, not certain I would make the rolls again. However, I might just try again to see what they would be like with the butter and sugar staying in the pan instead of at the bottom of the oven.

Tips and tricks:
If you use a springform pan, use heavy-duty foil to cover the outside bottom.

Do over, I would add more cinnamon.

Wrap them in plastic if you don’t eat them all the same day. I found they dried really quickly.

If you want to see more Pecan Sticky Buns visit our hosts for the month Lynn of Eat Drink Man Woman Dogs Cat and Nicole of Cookies on Friday

Sticky sticky


11 thoughts on “BWJ – Pecan Sticky Buns

  1. I’ve cheated on the butter and the brioche was still yummy (it needs more salt and sugar, though). Unfortunately I did not like the topping and as you said, the cinnamon was not enough.
    I’ll remake the “modified brioche” for sure.

  2. We had an issue with leaking springforms, as well. They were still delicious. Thank goodness for self-cleaning ovens!

  3. Oh, I hate those spill over messes. Let me tell you, bacon grease on the loose is the worst 😦
    You rolls look great. Yum

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