BWJ – French Strawberry Cake

taste of summer

Can I mention how upset I was that I forgot to make the Oasis Naan bread two weeks ago? I lost track of the Tuesday and only realized my mistake once I saw all the wonderful naan bread posts. I’ll have to make them anyway. So on to the Strawberry cake. This is really lucky, local strawberries are finally out so I got a nice big basket of them for this recipe. Talk of perfect timing.

Making the cake was rather simple, though it took much more than 5 minutes of mixing to get the proper texture for the eggs and sugar. I read the P & Q and found that someone suggested cutting the cake all around, then finishing the cut to ensure even layers. It worked more or less anyway, better than just trying to cut from one side to the other. It helped, at least, my cake wasn’t too lopsided. If you follow the instructions of using only a thin layer of whipped cream between the layers you have enough whipped cream to generously ice the cake.

I kept the remaining strawberry syrup to try this lemonade which I found through Baker on the rise by total fluke or maybe not since she is also part of the BWJ group.

How was the cake you wonder. Really good and maybe I would add more whipped cream between the layers but that would be more decadent. I definitely would use some of the syrup (or maybe alcohol) and brush it on the different layers, I found the crumb a little dry. I’m looking forward to trying the cake again with another filling.

I almost forgot to find the recipe and see the cakes prepared by our hosts for the week go visit Sophia of Sophia’s Sweets and Allison of Sleep Love Think Dine.


15 thoughts on “BWJ – French Strawberry Cake

  1. Looks wonderful! I used all of the strawberry syrup on my cake and it was perfectly moist. I noticed that the bottom would leak every so often though.

  2. Your cake looks so pretty! I used some of the strawberry syrup to soften my cake, but that’s what I also do with my shortcakes. I have some more strawberries so I will check out that lemonade recipe.

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