BWJ – Hazelnut biscotti

biscotti tower

Once again here was a food I thought I didn’t like. Maybe because all I knew of biscotti were the coffee shop versions, hard as a rock and as flavorful as sawdust. Not that I’ve tried sawdust but neither have I tried cardboard or cement, anyway you get my opinion of biscotti and you might have tasted one of them.

These are really easy to prepare, mix a few ingredient, bake and bake again. Though I had the same issue as other with getting flat logs. I put everything on the pan and it spread so much that I threw everything back in the bowl and added a few tables spoons of flour. It helped somewhat but I wasn’t able to get fat cookies like in the picture. I guess it doesn’t matter since in the end they still looked like biscotti.

I decided to have some fun and make a few dipped with chocolate, except I didn’t dip, I put the chocolate on top of the warm cookies after the second bake. Once they melted I simply spread the chocolate all along one side. Worked like a charm and less cleaning to do.

Even though we’re told not to play with our food, I couldn’t resist stacking them something like a Jenga game, they just look like that to me… anyone for a game of biscotti Jenga?

Playing jenga with my biscotti

Our hosts for the month are  Jodi of Homemade and Wholesome and Katrina of Baking and Boys


9 thoughts on “BWJ – Hazelnut biscotti

  1. Biscotti Jenga – hmmmm 🙂
    Glad to hear that your diet does not normally include cement or sawdust – your chocolate covered cookies look yummy.

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