BWJ – Popovers

so as you can see I got nice pouffy popovers, I have to immediately say I probably won’t make this again not the recipe itself which I am sure is really good just popovers in general. They taste good and all but, I am not excited by them.

I’ll admit that when I tasted this the first thing that came to mind is “Dutch Babies” which to me are very similar except the “pouf” disappears rather quickly. I love Dutch babies, I just don’t love the Popover cousin.

If you’ve never tried Popovers and want to make up your own idea about them, you can visit our hosts here: Paula of Vintage Kitchen Notes and Amy of Bake With Amy


5 thoughts on “BWJ – Popovers

  1. Oh no, what a pity you did not like them.
    I made some adding to the batter Grana cheese, rosemary, black and white pepper and nutmeg…
    They were great!
    Please please try again 🙂

  2. I’m going to look up Dutch babies – I’ve heard the name before, but I’m not familiar with them. As Paula said, yours do look beautiful!

  3. Your popovers look beautiful! I did them only one time and they also turned out well – served with a giant salad and my guests loved them. But alas, they don’t do much for me either.

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