BWJ – Bagels

Pre bake
waiting for their turn in the oven

Squishy, slightly mishapen but bagels all the same. I wasn’t really sure about this bagel recipe since I really like Peter Reinharts version but with a few modifications they came out really good. What modifications you say? Well I changed the sugar to Malt Syrup in both the dough and the water bath. I also added baking soda to the water bath as this helps form the crust. The flavor was not exactly the same and the texture slightly different but they were bagels and they were good.

first batch baked

Another modification I made was to make then smaller than the proposed 10 units. The first batch came out huge, much like New York bagels.  I guess I’m just used to Montreal bagels (which is my reference size) but eating a whole gigantic bagel is just too much for be. For the second batch in case you wonder the weight of dough was about 90g per bagel. This is for me the perfect sized bagel.

close up bagel

You can see all the sesame on this bagel? We’ll this is the last modification I made. I found out baking other bagels, that if you dip your bagels in the sesame as soon as the bagel comes out of the water bath, the sesame will stick and stay stuck. I can’t really see the egg white adding anything to the bagels so this works for me. This trick will work to get poppy seed and other seasonning to stick.

Cross section naked bagel


fully dressed bagel salmon and onion on one side and cream cheese on the other

Bagels on page 87 is being hosted by Heather at Heather’s Bytes

4 thoughts on “BWJ – Bagels

  1. Have been taking a look at Peter Reinhart’s recipe too. Will have a go at that next time since have “got my feet wet” with this recipe.
    Well done on the excellent bagels!

  2. Sticking the sesame after the wather bath…wow! I’d thought it would burn in the oven, but as I can, it didn’t.
    Your bagels looks delicious!

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