BWJ – Buttermilk Crumb Muffins

fresh hot of the oven

This makes a large batch of muffins and for some reason no one at home has been eating any baked goods unless it’s chocolate cake or apple crumble. I was therefore really glad for the excuse to bake the entire batch of these and also do a nice thing for someone at work.

During the month of November we have a charity event in Montreal called Movember, a fundraising for Prostate Cancer. The basic idea is that men shave at the beginning of the month and then shave their mustache only once the month is over. Of course, they have to take pictures at both ends of the entire event. One of my employee’s announced last week that he was going to participate.

So what better encouragement for him than a mini bake sale. I’ll bake the muffins, bring them to the office, sell them for a 1$ all proceeds going to the fund. It’s a small thing but I’ve always thought that every little thing you do for people counts.

Fortunately, the mustache is still short so no crumbs will get caught in it. I’ll let you know if people enjoyed these muffins.

Alisa of Easier Than Pie is our host for the Buttermilk Crumb Muffins


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