BWJ – Best Ever Brownies


Are these the best ever brownie? Well they’re really good brownies, a bit fussy but not difficult to make. However, maybe they are the best for some but not for me.  According to the boys, these are in the top 5 best brownies I’ve ever made so there is a chance they’ll be made again.

These brownies are fudgy and chocolaty but I like brownies with a bit more tooth. The technique to making these requires whipping the eggs so no surprise that their texture is more airy than most brownies.

As for cooking time, only a couple of minutes extra were needed but that was probably due to the oven not being at temp when I put the pan in. I’ve been thinking about all the people who had to bake them for twice as long, I am thinking either they are not daring in how “wet” they are comfortable leaving their brownies or that they might have used an 8 inch pan instead of a 9 inch. I actually have to measure every time I pull out the 9 to make sure it s the correct one. Anyway I guess it can be a lot of reasons but I did keep an eye on the cooking time.

Tip: you might wonder about cutting them on on an angle. Well the truth is that here we all like the middle piece. In fact, the brownie pans that create all corners is perplexing to no end to us. Here we discretely try to get the middle piece and “argue” over who got it last tines. Cutting on an angle allow all of us to get a piece of the middle and only one edge so we are all happy.

fudgy middle for all

I hope you all enjoyed the best ever brownies if you want to make then to see our host at Monica of A Beautiful Mess

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