BWJ – Buttermilk Crumb Muffins

  This makes a large batch of muffins and for some reason no one at home has been eating any baked goods unless it’s chocolate cake or apple crumble. I was therefore really glad for the excuse to bake the entire batch of these and also do a nice thing for someone at work. During the… Continue reading BWJ – Buttermilk Crumb Muffins

BWJ – Semolina Bread

Hmm, I’m not feeling super chatty at the moment, I guess that’s ok since there really isn’t much to say about this recipe. I followed the instructions to a T, used my kitchen aid, absent-mindedly mixed it all and voila. You can tell I wasn’t reading the instructions to closely since my scoring is touching,… Continue reading BWJ – Semolina Bread

BWJ – Chocolate Truffle Tart

Post number 2 of the Baking with Julia (BWJ) adventure. The second recipe was Chocolate truffle tarts or in my case singular, tart. I have a lot of kitchen equipment already and little space to put it away. Since I own a 10 inch tart pan, I decided to save the space needed to put away… Continue reading BWJ – Chocolate Truffle Tart