BWJ – Cranberry Walnut Pumpkin Loaf

Let me get this out-of-the-way now, I’m disappointed with this one. I haven’t loved every recipe from the book but generally have been successful technically at making the recipes. Not so for this loaf. I’m not sure where I went wrong exactly, maybe I shouldn’t have used the proofing feature of my oven to warm… Continue reading BWJ – Cranberry Walnut Pumpkin Loaf

BWJ – Semolina Bread

Hmm, I’m not feeling super chatty at the moment, I guess that’s ok since there really isn’t much to say about this recipe. I followed the instructions to a T, used my kitchen aid, absent-mindedly mixed it all and voila. You can tell I wasn’t reading the instructions to closely since my scoring is touching,… Continue reading BWJ – Semolina Bread

Oven baked pecan and caramel french toast

Oven baked pecan and caramel french toast This is not for everyday breakfast, it’s absolutely for the weekend and would probably be something to take along to a brunch to share with loved ones. Highly recommend you try this out. Nothing more can be said about this breakfast, or is it really dessert? Caramel Pecan… Continue reading Oven baked pecan and caramel french toast

TWD – Baking with Julia – White Loaves

First post in a long time, inspiration went away and is still a little elusive which is why I decided to participate in a baking activity with the Tuesday’s with Dorie group. After being the voyeur, looking at recipes for the last year, I’ve decided to become a participant. I’ve been sticking to my comfort… Continue reading TWD – Baking with Julia – White Loaves